Phelan Management Services, Inc

Here at Phelan Management Services, Inc, we are proud of the way we're creating an experience to remember:  reaching customers wherever they are and innovating new experiences and choices while staying true to customer satisfaction.

We've been around for nearly 20 years and specialize in modern service, personal engagement. Creating Life Moments.  Building on our commitments to our people, our communities, and our world 


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Phelan Management Services, Inc

Gisela T. Phelan, Franchise Operator, CEO

Over 37-years of McDonald's experience in running quality restaurants throughout the United Sates and Europe.   Mrs. Phelan began her McDonald's career as a crew person, excelling through many leadership positions to become a franchise owner!  She serves on many national boards to help create the new taste and service platforms our customers enjoy today!

D. Lee Phelan SR, Franchise Owner, CIO / COO

Mr. Phelan is an Honorable Retired Senior Army Non-Commissioned Officer with over 35 years of Technology & Business management experience.   

Certifications: MCSE, MCSA, CNE, CCNP, PMP

Certified NRAEF ServSafe Instructor / Proctor

​Certified Military Weapons Instructor

Range Officer 

  • Multiple State and Marketing Cooperative expertise.
  • Individualized service
  • Microsoft Certified Technicians
  • Multi-Cultural Experience
  • Community Integration
  • Wildlife Management and Control
  • Security Training and Equipment
  • Area Supervisor:
    • Steven Fanelli
  • Colorado Restaurants:
    • Trinidad, Colorado - General Manager - 
    • Alamosa, Colorado - General Manager - John DeHerrera
  • New Mexico Restaurants:
    • Raton, New Mexico - Acting General Manager - Melissa Fanelli
  • Range Supervisor & Equipment Supervisor
    • ​Darrel Lee Phelan Jr. - Range Supervisor
    • Thomas James Phelan (TJ) - Equipment & Maintenance
    • Louie Phelan - Equipment & Maintenance
    • Louis Ossola - Equipment & Maintenance
  • Land Management
    • EAGLE ROCK RANCH - over 1300 acres.
    • The Reserve at Soldiers Ridge - Over 350 acres under TRUST